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Creation transpires when you allow yourself to get out of your own way

The images found here are an invitation to say yes in connecting with the vivid and energetic colors that echo the deepest, fiercest truth of the soul

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A creative soul turning concepts and emotions into beautiful things

I'm Netanya.

As an artist of both words and paint that plays with energy and emotion, I’m on a constant journey to make an adventure out of my experiences. It's my devout passion to play in the world of alchemical transformation and share what I learn as I go along.

I am frequently inspired by the pulse of life to dance with colors on canvas and words on paper. My work is conceived and designed from inspired action with a basis of emotion and power - I paint and tell stories based on how I feel.

My favorite thing about playing in the realm of imagineering is that it follows no rules - art allows itself to be uncovered anywhere on anything with any medium and tell whatever stories unfold.

My intention is to share my soul with you, both in tiny breaths and grand measures. And in doing so, I hope that you get more in touch with your own heartbeat and Divine power within.


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