On Getting To Be Here

August 12, 2019 Self-work, Transitions

Sometimes people have a really difficult time with getting older. Usually this is because there’s a sense that you’re running out of time to do, be, have (insert whatever it is that you want).

I loved turning 30. It felt like permission to finally be an adult.

32 has been my favorite so far. The amount of empowerment I have felt this year has been ridiculously amazing.

I can already tell you 33 is going to beat both of those by a long shot. I have zero facts to back this up, but I don’t need them. I just know. Also, facts are highly overrated. Intuition is much more powerful.

I so appreciate the wisdom that comes with age, and signs that I’m getting older also represent the wisdom I’ve come to acquire after years of trial and error. Some of which has been self-afflicted, some of which I had handed to me with no choice but to make lemonade out of lemons, or not. (P.S. I ALWAYS choose lemonade, every time.) And don’t get me wrong, while I’ll own my own current levels of wisdom, there’s lots more I have yet to learn.

I like that I’ve recently started finding tiny bits of silver in my hair.

I dye my hair for fun. Because it feels like an expression of myself. Not to ‘cover up the gray’ or look younger.

But I let it go for awhile this summer and found these beautiful silver lines at the very top in a few places and I think it’s amazing. I actually love it.

It feels like not an accident that they showed up after the upside down year I’ve had. Like maybe I earned some stripes, literally 😂.

I’ve worked really, really hard on myself and my life, harder than I ever have before. You might not notice it from the outside, but the view from the inside is a 180 degree difference from where and who I was this time last year. And as much as I do this work for me, I do it more for you. Because the more I learn, the more I can share, and maybe help you too.

In getting older, I have so much gratitude for all the incredible experiences I’ve had. All the good, all the difficult. The wonderful people I’ve gotten to connect with, and share those experiences with. The impact I get to have on the world, which in turn impacts me back.

Notice I said “all the good, all the difficult” and not “all the bad”. Because some of the most difficult times have built me into the best version of myself. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Anything. 

So I’m gonna keep enjoying the silver in my hair.

Because it means that I’ve gotten to be here for 32 years long. Hopefully I’ll get to be here for many more years to come.

And getting to be here is an extraordinary gift.

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