A Car Named Indy

July 8, 2019 Adventuring, General Life

The name of the current vehicle I drive is Indy. My 16-year-old nephew came up with that name because I like to adventure, and he felt like Indiana Jones was an appropriate representation of that for me. I like it.

Indy was born in 2003, and since she’s (yes she’s a girl with a boys name, it’s 2019) getting up there in both age and mileage, she randomly shakes when she hits between 40-50mph. At which point I have to let off the gas because it’s the only way to get it to stop🤣

Yesterday, the same said nephew went with me to Home Depot, so we took Indy. When we were in the car he saw that the radio didn’t work, it just said “Code” from when it had died on the side of 39 North a few weeks ago on my way home from Starved Rock. I couldn’t find the code anywhere to fix it, so I just left it and have been using Spotify on my phone for music when I drive. Gentleman that he is, he went through everything in the dashboard to see if he could find it. Having no success, he did what all teenagers do: he went to the internet. Within two seconds on the inner webs he figured out how to get the code and make my radio work again. And then in his true form he proceeded to make fun of me for driving around for an entire month and a half like that without thinking to Google it. Oh AND he made fun of me because I’ve been driving Indy since September and only just yesterday I realized there was a sun roof. I guess I just had never looked up🤷‍♀️😆(Note to self: stop telling people on the internet when you do stupid shit🤦‍♀️never will I though, it’s too funny not to😂)

Indy has taken me to many places during this current trip around the sun. Today we went to Lake Michigan to go hiking (and opened the sun roof, obviously!). I’m appreciating the experience of having driven brand new vehicles for the last several years (and having things like Bluetooth and backup cameras, etc), and then transitioning to Indy, with all her quirks.

Some might look at this as a bad thing, a downgrade. For me, I feel like it’s keeping me humble and allowing for so much gratitude for what is the biggest transition I’ve ever been in before, in all corners of life. At some point, I’ll buy another vehicle, when the time is right. And you know me, I’ll be SO excited about it. But for right now, I’m gonna keep enjoying my adventures with Indy, because all you ever have is right now.

With the sun roof all the way open,


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