How The World Occurs To You

July 8, 2019 Adventuring, General Life

I was at the Social Security office this morning, people watching. It’s so fascinating – we’re all in the same room waiting for our numbers to be called, sitting in the same chairs, and yet no one is having the same experience. Some are angry and impatient, some just hangin’ out, some (me!) having a blast and just happy to be alive.

I learned this little fact last year, and it’s helped me to have so much more compassion for the variety of ways that people function and react in the world:

Everyone is functioning and responding as a direct result of the way the world is occurring to them. Always.

So if the world occurs to you as difficult, unfair, painful, and a struggle, that’s how you show up in response. Hurt people hurt people. And that doesn’t make it okay but it makes my understanding of how and why you showed up that way more compassionate.

The world generally occurs to me like Wonderland. I am so curious about everything. Like what are you doing, and why? Is it fun? And can I come too? Will you talk to me? That cilantro smells amazing. Where does this road go, are there mountains and oceans? And will you play with me?

I often go for drives just to drive. Did it this morning. Windows down, music up and wind in my hair because it’s SO fun. And people say it’s a waste of gas and I’m like I have the BEST time, how is that a waste of anything?

I don’t always understand what’s happening or why, and frequently am surprised by the way things unfold. And it’s not always magical, but a lot of the time, it is. I generally trust that everything is always working out for me.

I am so curious:

How does the world occur to you? And what if you changed it to be even better? And then life started showing up better for you in response? I’m not saying it’s that easy, just asking you to consider it as a potential outcome. It also doesn’t necessarily mean going from hell to heaven, sometimes it just means going from a lower level of hell to the next higher one (thank you my second college degree and Dante’s Inferno for that reference). Baby steps.

With windows down AND the heat on,


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