On Being Loved, Just As You Are

June 29, 2019 Love, Relationships 0 Comments

In case no one has said this to you lately, let me be the first on this holiday representing of all versions of love:

You’re doing a great job.

With whatever you’ve got going on, with wherever this day finds you – points of the highest happiness or the deepest of grief or pain or anger, you’re doing a great job.

If you’re reading this, I love you. So so much. I love you for your successes and your failures, your attempts at giving this life a shot with whatever tools you’ve got in your toolbox, or not. I love you for your moments of crying on the kitchen floor and yelling at God (or whatever you think of as a higher power), “What the F is actually happening right now?” (I had several of these this year, btw, you’re hardly alone). Also I’m very convinced at 32 that no one really knows what they’re doing and that we’re all just making things up as we go. Which is totally ok by the way.

Give yourself a minute. To just be ok with where you are. You’re never going to to arrive, it’s never going to be this shiny magical picture that you learned it was supposed to look like as a child. It’s a mess. So unbelievably messy. And it gets better here and then over there gets messy. And through it all, it’s ok. It’s about finding joy in the millions of small moments along the way.

We all know that love has many forms. Sometimes it’s a romantic relationship. Sometimes it’s parent-child (whether you’re the parent or the child, or both). Sometimes it’s friends and family and animals and connection of all kinds. It’s different for everyone. What I’m sure of though, is that you’re loved. Definitely by me, but likely also in a variety of those forms above.

So in case today feels hard for you, for whatever reason, just pause for a second. And know that you are loved, exactly as you are, without condition.

With So Much Love,



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