Starting In The Middle

July 8, 2019 General Life, Transitions

In media res.

It’s a literary term for when a story starts in the middle.

We build our identities from the people, places, things, and experiences we have in our lives. And sometimes a catalytic event occurs and that version of your identity experiences a death. That catalytic event usually occurs one of three ways: a shock, an opportunity, or a transition.

All three of those events have one thing in common: change. Sometimes external, sometimes internal, sometimes both. But almost always the changes are massive.

And then you have to begin again. From in the middle.

There are parts of this that can be fun and exciting. There are also parts that are excruciatingly uncomfortable. Because you’re in between no longer and not yet.

What this is feeling like for me right now is what I imagine it might feel like to be writing a song where you have the beat but not yet the lyrics. I can FEEL the pulse of it. But I don’t have all the words.

Wherever you’re at in any given situation has wonderful things about it, and also, the opposite.

But that’s the dichotomy of every life circumstance; it’s your choice on which side you choose to look at.

Because the grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.

From in the middle,


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