Contrast, Dreams, And One Very Tiny Superpower

August 26, 2019 General Life, Self-work

We all have things in our lives that aren’t working for us.

This is a huge gift.

Because when you look at something you don’t want, by default then you have just identified what you do want, which is the opposite of what you have. And if you know what you want then you can start to call it into your existence.

As long as you are alive, there will always be this contrast. It’s what keeps us moving forward; why we set goals, why we have big dreams.

The interesting thing about this is that every time you reach a goal or dream, do you notice that you don’t suddenly just stop dreaming? Instead now you’re standing in a new vantage point, one you couldn’t have seen before. And from this new vantage point launches a new rocket of desire for something even bigger and even better.

I try to practice balance with this, because sometimes I realize I’ve got so many big dreams in motion that I forget to appreciate everything I get to do, be, and have, right now. Like oh yes thank you SO MUCH for all that I’ve been given. And I still have my eyes and heart set on other things too.

I’ve often heard stories of people who spent years working toward something, and when they finally get it, they lift their nose from the grindstone, and are kind of disappointed. They thought when they got x thing, they’d finally be happy. They’d finally be fulfilled. After all that’s why we want anything that we want, because we think it will make our lives better somehow.

Secret to life: the exact opposite is true. When you start finding more and more reasons to feel good right now, to feel gratitude and appreciation and love and connection right now, the Universe opens up and finds a million ways to give you more things that make you feel that way.

We need contrast so we can learn what we want by observing what we don’t want.

We need goals and dreams so we know which way to aim.

But the superpower method to getting anything you want is to really sit in the savoring of all of the things you’ve already been blessed with.

It’s the basis for why I always say that magic is real.

Because it is.

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