The Fastest Way To Change The World

November 14, 2016 Self-work

There are always going to be people who are racist, sexist. There will always be people who body-shame. There will always be people who are mean, who bully others, who are judgmental and even downright awful. They may be the boy next door or the leader of the country, but they will always exist.

In every moment, we have the choice in how we react to that information. We can choose to feel disempowered and hopeless. We can spend our time continuously pushing and raging against the things we don’t want. Every time someone does that, they’re putting their attention on the negative state of being of other people. Energetically, they’re literally lowering their vibration to the level of the things they don’t want.

We can also choose to take that information above, that there’s always going to be people like that, and allow it to set us free. Because we can’t change that. And if you can’t change it, there’s no use putting your energy towards it. The thing we can change though, that has the capacity to impact endlessly the lives of others, and what ultimately will move through the oceans of time and space into generations beyond, is ourselves.


It’s within our power look at all of the spaces and places where we can make different choices that will have a better impact on the world. We can learn how to love ourselves, no matter how slowly. We can be kinder to ourselves. We can speak up in the name of truth and love. We can stop doing all the things that result in us giving our power away. We can acknowledge how powerful we have the potential to be, and take the next best steps forward into standing in our own strength.

It can be our choice to live with a wide-open heart for humanity. And then to utilize boundaries and discernment to get super clear on who and what are useful in allowing into our space, and who and what are not. Open heart, big f*cking fence.

The most helpful thing for humanity that you have immediate and entire control over is your thoughts, words and actions.Speak kinder words to yourself, always. Let go of anything that’s no longer serving you. Say no to things you don’t want to do. Say yes to the slightly terrifying thing that’s tugging at your soul. Be the example of the kind of life you wish for the world.


It’s in small moments that big changes happen. It’s in those times that you make a choice to be 1% different than you’d been in the past that can be the catalyst for changing the world. Get solid in yourself. Value your time and your attention, only give them to things that are going to uplevel the state of this Universe we live in. And then when you come into contact with those racist, sexist bullies, you won’t feel the urge to scream at them or derail and give your power away. Because you’ve done the work, you know what you’re about. You can simply choose to say no, thank you. And get back to your own work in filling small moments with your truth, authenticity, and love, creating the greatest ripples that echo throughout the world.